Tandalachi Kheer Recipe / Maharashtrian Rice Kheer Recipe with step by step pictures

Posted on March 31st, 2013

Rice is called ‘tandul’ in Marathi. ‘Tandalachi kheer’ is nothing but Maharashtrian version of rice pudding. This is extremely delicious Maharashtrian dessert. The method of preparation may vary in different regions of Maharashtra. I am sharing my mom’s way of making kheer. I have been following her recipe without failure. I hope you will also like it. :)

rice pudding recipe indian

This recipe makes 8-9 medium sized bowls of kheer.



Ingredients to grind

dry fruits masala for rice kheer

How to make Maharashtrian Rice kheer?

roasted rice for rice kheer

ground rice for rice pudding
rice kheer masala
dry fruits masala for rice pudding
tandalachi kheer recipe in marathi
rice kheer recipe
  • Then add sugar.
Indian rice pudding recipe
maharashtrian kheer recipe
rice kheer recipe in marathi
tandalachi kheer recipe
maharashtrian rice pudding recipe

Do give it a try and let me know how you liked it. For any questions, you can contact me on my facebook page or leave a comment below. :)




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