Sajuk Tup Recipe(Homemade Ghee or Clarified butter) made from Malai – Recipe with step by step pictures

‘Sajuk tup’ is nothing but clarified butter made from ‘malai’ or milk cream. I was under wrong impression that making ghee at home is tough until my mom showed me how to make it. It is really very easy recipe. It might be little time consuming because you need to boil the milk and collect the cream (top of milk) for few days. But trust me the end result is something to die for. Nothing can beat the divine taste and aroma of homemade ghee.
homemade ghee or sajuk tup recipe

For making ‘Sajuk Tup’ you will need;

  • Milk cream
  • Yogurt – 2 tbsp
  • warm water as needed
  • Betel leaf – 1 (Optional)

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How to make ghee from malai at home?

sour cream or dahi for making tup or ghee

  • First you need to store ‘Malai’ or Milk cream. For this boil the milk. Once cooled down, remove top layer of cream and store in a vessel. Add yogurt into a cream and mix well. Let it rest overnight or for 7-8 hours at room temperature. This will make the cream sour. Then transfer it to refrigerator and keep on adding cream every day. Collect the cream for a week.
  • The day when you want to make ghee, take out the ‘malai’ from refrigerator and let it rest at room temperature for 4-5 hours. This step is necessary if you want best buttermilk out of it.
how to make ghee from malai
  • Now beat this sour cream. We call this sour cream ‘Dahi’. You can use hand beater or electric beater. Beat nicely until butter floats on top. Add little warm water if needed. When you see big ball of butter floating on top, remove it and place it in a big saucepan. It is called ‘Loni’ in marathi and ‘makkhan’ in hindi. From ‘makkhan’ you might remember lord Krishna stealing and eating it in his childhood. :) It tastes divine. My mom makes cake using this butter; cake turns out very soft and delicious. Try out sometime.
how to make ghee at home
  • Now the leftover water from cream is nothing but fresh buttermilk. We call it ‘Tak’ in Marathi. You can make ‘takachi kadhi’ out of it. ‘takachi Kadhi’ is nothing but hot spiced buttermilk. Or you can make ‘mattha’ from buttermilk which is popular in Maharashtra and it is served with ‘jalebi’. My mouth is already watering just by thinking of this ‘mattha’ and ‘jalebi’ combo. I have to make these soon. :)
how to make ghee from milk cream
  • Now place the saucepan on medium heat and let the cream melt. Once melted, reduce the heat and allow it to simmer for 4-5 minutes or more if needed until you see butter is clarifying.
sajuk tup or pure ghee or homemade clarified butter
  • When you see the clear golden colored ghee and some froth floating, your ghee is ready.
  • Finally add ‘khauche pan’ or betel leaf and switch off the heat. Adding betel leaf is completely optional. It adds nice flavor.
homemade ghee recipe
  • Then strain ghee and store into a jar. Once cooled down, it will get granulated texture. There is no need to refrigerate this ghee, store at room temperature.

Enjoy this fresh homemade ‘sajuk tup’ with hot ‘varan-bhat’. Or you can go ahead and make some Indian desserts using this awesome ghee. I hope you will also like this recipe. Do give it a try and let me know how it turned out for you. Thanks and see you soon with next recipe!  :)