Amboli Recipe / Maharashtrian Rice Dosa Recipe

amboli or maharashtrian dosa recipe

Amboli is my favourite breakfast. It is quite famous in our western coastal area. I make this often as it is quick and easy to make. I like to have it with warm milk with little sugar in it. It also tastes good with batata bhaji (Potato stir fry).

This recipe can make 7-8 medium sized amboli.

For making amboli, you will need;

  • Rice flour – 2 cups
  • Water as needed
  • Salt to taste


How to make amboli?

amboli or tandalache ghavan

Take rice flour and salt in a mixing bowl. Start adding water little at a time and keep mixing. Make sure you remove all lumps.

amboli or ghavan recipe in marathi

Consistency of batter should be thin. If you make the batter thin, you will get nice holes and crisp to the amboli. If you prefer thick and very soft amboli, keep the batter on thicker side.

amboli recipe maharashtrian

Heat pan and drizzle few drops of oil.

amboli recipe in marathi

Pour the batter quickly and cover the pan. Cook covered for 3-4 minutes until dosa is cooked and gets nice crisp on one side.

amboli or ghavan recipe

maharashtrian dosa recipe

Flip it and cook for a minute or more if needed.

rice amboli recipe

Serve amboli hot with potato stir fry or milk as I did. It can be served with coconut chutney too.

I hope you enjoyed reading the recipe. If you have any questions, write it to me in comments below. I will get back to you as soon as possible.

  • pallavi

    can we add onion into it?is amboli also called as “ghavan” if no then how is ghavan prepared?

  • Suryakant

    tried, but was not successful. Flip kartana tukde hotat. Any solution?
    What if I use buttermilk instead of water?

    • PoonamB

      Sorry to hear that. From my experience I can say,It is important to have right consistency of batter. It should not be very thin and pan has to be hot when you pour the batter. Maze pan aadhi flip kartana tukadech vayche, ata nit jamtat. πŸ˜›

  • Bharti

    I tried but it remains raw even if I keep it covered longer :-(

  • Bharti

    Poonam,It remains raw even if I cover and cook it for more than 5 minutes.Beyond that it becomes all crisp which is difficult to chew :-(
    Please help on this

    • PoonamB

      HI Bharti, If flour is very finely ground, you may face this problem. Give it a try again using coarse rice flour. Good luck :)

  • Neha Ahuja

    Does this remain soft for long hours. I am asking this b’coz I am on a gluten free diet due to celiac disease.This seems to be easy to make but, it should remain soft for long hours.Plz help me out. Thank you.

    • PoonamB

      Don’t worry Neha, It remains soft for long hours. I had made them in morning many times and ate in afternoon. it used to be nice and soft. So give it a try.

  • Disha Shinde

    I tried it, but they never become soft. can you please tell me the exact quantity of water to be added. Help please :(

    • PoonamB

      Hi Disha, It’s difficult to tell exact quantity of water :( This is something you need to experiment on.