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Thank you for stopping by. I appreciate your interest in knowing about me.  My name is Poonam. I am software engineer and food blogger who loves to cook and eat! I am from small city in west Maharashtra (Sangli district). I got married in Dec 2010 and then shifted to Montreal, Canada. I started my first blog Spicy-Aroma in Oct 2011. It was intended to keep all my experiments in kitchen in one place so that I can refer it whenever needed. But now it got bigger than I’ve ever imagined. I got many requests from my viewers to post more Maharashtrian recipes. Then I decided to start another website where I will be posting Maharashtrian recipes only and I also wanted to practice my web designing skills.So, that is how this site is born. I have posted few recipes in Marathi, but I will be adding more soon. Stay tuned!

My cooking adventure began after my marriage, far away from my family and my mom’s delicious food. My mom is an excellent cook. I used to watch my mom cooking delicious food, but I hardly cooked any dish before my marriage. I used to watch many cookery shows and used to ask my mom to make dishes for me, but I never felt like taking effort to cook something myself. 😛

My husband had suffered a lot by my cooking experiments in early days of our marriage. Then I took cooking bit seriously. I browsed many blogs, videos and spent hours and hours on phone discussing recipes with my mom. In couple of week, I started to cook something nice edible and started to get appreciations from my hubby. I am very thankful to my lovely hubby, who inspires me a lot. We both are die hard foodie and movie buff. We love to eat good food and watch Bollywood movies. I think this is something that tied our relationship so tight 😉

When I started my first blog Kande Pohe later transferred to my own domain Spicy-Aroma, I had little idea that blogging would take off like it did, and now I enjoy cooking and blogging like anything. I get to interact with different people all across the world, it’s been wonderful journey and quite a learning experience for me. I made some wonderful friends along this journey and I look forward to get many more friends who share the same passion. Living in Montreal for more than 1 year has changed me immensely in many ways. I got plenty of time to explore myself. I spent lots of time in learning new recipes, experimenting in kitchen and learning web designing.

About Recipes and Pictures

All the recipes on this site are my own and all photographs are taken by me. You may not copy or otherwise reproduce any of this material without prior written permission. All rights are reserved. If you want to use any of pictures or content from my site, please ask me first. I have put lots of time and efforts in taking the pictures and writing the recipes. It really hurts, when I see my pictures are being used without my knowledge. :(

My Other Blogs and Websites

Spicy-Aroma – where I posts all Indian and Maharashtrian recipes with step by step pictures. There are 250+ recipes to browse through. Do visit and leave your feedback.

Blissful Stuff – where I explore my creativity.

I’ve also started my cooking channel on YouTube recently where you can find many delicious recipes and some interesting stuff. Please visit and subscribe to my channel. Here is the link – http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpO-6n4epEnK-UVG-KLRSqA

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Comments are always welcome and appreciated. It feels great to hear from you guys. If you have any question or suggestion or you want to request a new recipe or just want to say Hello; feel free to contact me.

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I again thank you for stopping by, I hope you will have great time browsing my delicious site. Happy Cooking. Enjoy! :)